Fantastic Food Finds

Ok so this title is not entirely accurate. I did not exactly FIND the products I am talking about today. Considering I live in a town with grocery stores that are owned by single families, are Pennsylvania Dutch, or a Walmart, there is not much variety to be had. I order a lot of my food online, or make my bi-weekly trips to right outside of Philly, but as I was making an order on Amazon a few weeks ago, I noticed some new things that peaked my interest.

I have discussed my OBSESSION with Clif Mojo Bars…really, any Clif product, which all started because at Princeton Hospital, instead of drinking those nasty Ensure nutrition supplements, your family could bring in boxes of Clif Bars that be consumed in their place. Um, sign me up. Have you ever had Ensure, especially warm Ensure, tastes like ground chalk in a bottle. Having to drink those 5 times a day was not appealing so I pretty much lived on Clif Bars for me entire 30 day duration; the majority of which were White Chocolate Macadamia Nut (still a household favorite!) So, when I was on Amazon and saw that there were two new flavors of Mojo Bars (one of which was WCMN) I was ecstatic!

I went to the one grocery store I could think of in my area that could potentially have these delicious sounding new bars, to scour the shelves in search of either the WHITE CHOCOLATE MACADAMIA NUT, OR CHOCOLATE ALMOND COCONUT Mojos, but unfortunately, had no such luck. And I am kind of ashamed to admit this, but I wanted them SO badly that I called the stores I visit in Wayne, PA to see if they had them yet! Sadly, the answer was no, so because I wasn’t sure I would want an entire box, I e-mailed the nice people at Clif to see if they would send me a sample.

The day I opened my e-mail and saw that a woman had replied saying she would be happy to send a sample of each flavor, I was in heaven. Mojos are my absolute favorite Clif product because of the sweet and salty component, and White Chocolate Macadamia Nut is my all time favorite flavor of anything so I knew this would be a match made in heaven.

I was very sad to leave HLS Sunday, but the pain was alleviated just a little bit, when I arrived home to see, on my counter was the box from California. It was already planned, my new Mojo was definitely going to be incorporated into my night-time snackaroo.

Just opening the wrapper, it smelled good. White chocolate morsels are so delectable and smell completely different from the brown chocolate I am so used to from living near Hershey. They are sweeter and just overall delicious! Mix them with pretzels and some nuts, wow…mind-blowing. I was certainly not disappointed by the new Mojo and guess what, a box is already on its way to my house! 🙂 School is starting, you know! I need lunch box snacks!

The second product I found was Betty Lou’s Nut Butter Balls. I love nut butters as is, but they are sometimes messy if you are eating on the run. These little round morsels contain some sort of nut butter, nuts, and are free of gluten and wheat, as well as being vegan. Now I don’t really have to worry about any of those things, but they also have super stellar nutritional facts; lots of fiber, a little protein and some good healthy fats to keep me full and focused (ha, isn’t that the Frosted Mini Wheats commercial?!) all day long.

Again, my stores do not carry any Betty Lou’s products, which after visiting the website, I realized was quite a variety. And because I was not one hundred percent sure I would love an entire case of Nut Butter balls, I e-mailed the folks at Betty Lou’s and they were happy to send some samples.

The first I tried was the one that sounded least appealing to me…my motto is, go with the worst first, save the rest because they are the best! (yup, I am a cheese ball) So I packed the Spirulina Ginseng Ball as my afternoon snack at work. It was firm and stayed in tack in my lunch bag, but was chewy and moist when I bit into the center. The texture almost reminded me of a bit softer Larabar, but I really enjoyed the flavor and crunchy outside of nuts.

I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed this particular flavor, considering my initial skepticism, but as I imagined, I LOVED the Cashew and Almond Butter varieties even more. I will definitely be placing an order for these as well, because obviously a girl cannot have the same snacks day in and day out! Variety is the spice of life, you know!!!

If you are lucky enough to have either of these products in your stores, definitely pick one up. They are worth a try and I can almost guarantee, if you enjoy these flavor profiles, you may just find yourself going back for more. The only downfall is my list of snacks keeps expanding exponentially! Between the Heart Thrive Energy Bars I had last week, and these two things, my drawer will soon be overflowing for school! Try any, or all of these three options, ASAP!!!

Any new products you want to share?? Not that I need any more choices but I am always curious as to what I am missing!

*These opinions are entirely my own.  Neither of these companies asked me to review their products, I just wanted to share in case you all are looking for some yummy “lunch box” treats! 🙂


6 thoughts on “Fantastic Food Finds

  1. I HATED Ensures. YUCK! I was allowed to mix mine with ice and blend so it was a frozen drink but still yuuuuuucky!

    I am going to try Mojo bars! They look great.

    Isn’t it great how we can order food online? I used to have to do the same when I lived in Alabama 🙂

    • They are so delicious! Actually I like the peanut butter pretzel and mountain mix as well so check into some of the other yummy flavors, amazon does a variety box!! i dont now what I would do if i couldnt order food online! id be stuck with cheetos! haha

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