Action Mantras and PTG

Im sure this goes without saying, but the HLS “lectures…”actually the weekend in its entirety, was awesome. Starting with breakfast and the wonderful spread of cereals, fruit, DRINKABLE OIKOS, and yogurt, the day just progressively got better.

One of the seminars that really stood out to me (of course there were several!) was hosted by speaker Dawn Jackson Blatner. She discussed the importance of mantras, and when used properly, how they can completely change your thoughts. She explained, and I agreed, many people today use “negative motivation” to coax them into action. “Come on CJ, you ate that cookie, now its time to take a run.” No! No one wants to hear that, out loud or in their minds, She suggested to instead have short phrases, using rhymes, alliterations, or words that just seem to go together, to change our thought process and ultimately lead to a more positive behavior.

Her example to quit mindless munching was, “plate, table, chair…” Every time you get a plate, find a table and sit in a chair, give the handful of cereal that you don’t count as part of your diet, either more thought, or make it non-existent, signaling to your brain that you are again eating, maybe not even when you are hungry.

I looked at the whole mantra idea and thought, I really need to start doing this more in recovery, because everything I do, is preceded by a thought. When I want to prolong eating snack, or skip out on an exchange in my meal plan, the idea usually came by some form of negative self-talk. That is when I need to remind myself PTG!

I introduced you guys to PTG the other day…Evaluating what you are proud of, thankful for, and a goal for the day. I personally like doing this first thing in the morning because it serves as a reminder that I need to stay on track, that I am doing ok even if I slip up, and all the reasons I have to be positive. But sometimes it is necessary to do this several times a day, in order to bring us back to reality that even though a specific time may be hard, or we may have made a mistake, there is always one good thing we can think of…even if it is “ok, this situation was tough, but I can learn something from it.”

I don’t want to make it sound like this is easy, because it is not. There are days when I honestly cannot even be talked into looking at the bright side (fortunately they have been a lot less frequently! J ) but I promise you, after just going through the motions, faking it ‘till you make it, and repeating your own personal mantra, it will totally become a habit!

Try it today and see how it goes. What do you have to lose!?

Can’t wait to write a longer entry tomorrow!!!


5 thoughts on “Action Mantras and PTG

  1. I’m a big fan of positive motivation. I like the idea if plate, table, chair. I’m notorious for snatching snacks from the pantry and eating them in the kitchen. Not the healthiest of habits.*

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