6:15 and I am finished with my workout, ready to jump in the shower and start my day! The party last night was awesome; great atmosphere, really delicious spread of food, and instantaneous friends! Its funny how I tend to make a big deal about things in anticipation, and then when they finally arrive, it doesn’t turn out to be nearly as scary.


The one thing, however, I did believe would be difficult, and I still believe it to be so, is meeting those in the blog world who are pretty much “celebrities.” Now I would like to think of these women as “normal,” real-life girls I could go out for dinner with, but in a sense they are famous because I have read about their lives for over two years and yet never met them. Of course I want to meet Tina, and ask her to sign my book (hello, published author, yes that is a celebrity) but I am very excited to meet Caitlin because of her wonderful work with Operation Beautiful.


For those of you who don’t know, Operation Beautiful is a movement that celebrates confidence and positivity outside of personal appearance and other external factors. It celebrates you, for you and it has been a major part of my recovery. I was actually introduced to the project when I was in Hershey’s program the very first time, what seems like forever ago. Most of the girls looked at each other puzzled when in Thursday night task group we were given a stack of Post-Its to take home for an assignment. Write a positive message on the paper and leave them random places. Seriously? We all looked at Amy (our occupational therapist) like she was nuts, but then we viewed the website, checked out videos of other people partaking, and were all pretty much convinced it was a fabulous idea.


Coincidently I was headed to Florida that week and figured, what better place to start my Operation Beautiful venture than on an airplane, in the bathroom. I thought, maybe someone who saw it would leave the note on the mirror so it could reach people from a wide variety of places. I don’t know how long the note stayed up, but it did feel good to put a message out there, that could potentially have a positive impact on someone’s day. Unsure of what to write I chose one of my favorite quotes…”Be the change, you wish to see in the world.” I know this isn’t some super profound message, but every time I hear it, it makes me smile and feel inspired, so maybe it could do the same for someone else.


More and more I would see Operation Beautiful messages at times of need. I would walk into Hershey’s clinic defeated and miserable that I was there and not working or being a fully functioning adult, and then BAM, right on the door would be a Post-It. I parked my car at the dietitians office, knowing I had not followed my plan, feeling torn because the ED side of me was proud for my restriction but the part that desperately wanted to feel better was mad and ashamed, and the vehicle in front of me had sprayed across the back, “You are beautiful, just as you are.” Simple, to the point, and totally smile-worthy.


I love Operation Beautiful, and although I know it has reached a ton of people world-wide, I hope I can help spread it further. There is too much negativity, pressure and hurt, going on, and any project that promotes self-love and feeling good, I am totally on board. Thanks Caitlin for coming up with such a creative way to spread joy. It has truly helped me push through some really difficult times, and I am sure it touches others more than I know.


Off to breakfast! I am starving! (Thank gosh for those delicious NuGo Bars in the swag bag…seriously, I couldn’t have worked out without it!)


7 thoughts on “Starstruck

  1. I’m glad you’re having a blast in Phill-ay! Enjoying all the fro-yo places! I wanted to go down there one day with a friend of mine and just hit ALL of them up to get fro-yo! Lol. It would be so expensive but definitely worth it in my opinion!

    I looked at Operation Beautiful a while ago and made a post-it to stick in the locker room at school. I was amazed when 3 months later (the last week of classes) the sticker was still on the scale and no one moved it. I was really, really impressed and proud to see people were actually taking it seriously. For how much traffic is in and out of our school rec’s locker room, for that note not to be touched/messed with was amazing.

  2. I love Operation Beautiful too, Caitlin is one amazing person for creating that whole thing. I like that note you left, I would have enjoyed seeing something like that if I were on the plane!
    SO glad you are having fun, those ladies are celebs to me!

    • No, I don’t — I don’t think I would be able to do it… for many reasons. I’ve come across your blog recently though and myself am in the process of recovering from anorexia and over-exercising and I really hope you don’t take offense to my comment because it’s so blunt. I think it’s something you should take very seriously though…


      • No I don’t take offense by any means… I’m a big fan of honesty, because I try to be honest in everything I write. So thank you. I have come a very long way with foods but exercise and I still have issues. Mayybe I should do a post on that. Thank you again.

      • Oh my gosh I dont take offense at all. You are in the same boat and understand what its like. I always appreciate constructive feedback so thank you. Good luck in your own journey!

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