Just When I Thought It Couldn’t Get Any Better!

I didn’t think it could get any better, but honestly lunch blew my mind. The awesome people of Wellsphere and Health Central took a few of us bloggers to lunch at El Vez, which if you did not know is one of the many fabulous Stephen Starr restaurants here in Philadelphia.

The meal was excellent on all fronts…food and friends! The PR staff of the company is awesome. I mean, this probably sounds weird to say but I did not really anticipate them to be close to my age?! It was like being at lunch with a bunch of friends! And the food was honestly, knock-your-socks off good! And the best part….I TRIED EVERYTHING!!!!

You are probably thinking, “um CJ, it is a business lunch, at an amazing restaurant, why wouldn’t you try everything?” But the old me probably would have pushed the food around her plate, drank a ton of water, and participated in conversation without actually eating a meal. But you know what, after one bite, I dare you not to eat more. The guacamole alone was out of this world and they gave an excellent variety of their menu, so we really got to sample a little of everything…(Don’t worry, you’ll get the full re-cap probably Sunday!)


So after plenty of food, awesome conversations, and new friendships, Michelle (who I absolutely love, by the way) asked if we wanted to go get Fro-yo! Seriously, you don’t have to ask me twice!

We walked literally up the street to try Sweet Endings and I am sure you aren’t surprised that is was also FANTASTIC. I mixed a little tart, dark chocolate, strawberry and peanut butter! Then topped it with some delicious fresh fruit and called it, The Chocolate Covered Strawberry PB&J. Very fitting, right?

Unfortunately the Wellsphere team was only here for the afternoon so they had to run after dessert, but looking at my watch I realized it was already time to check-in for HLS! How is it after 3 P.M. already?!?!? So a bunch of us girls walked back to the Marriot and picked up our swag bags.

They definitely weren’t lying when they said leave room in your suitcase! There were a bunch of my favorite products, plus a ton I have seen on blogs and enviously wanted to try, and some I haven’t even heard of! I cannot wait to sample all these goodies!!!

Sorry for the short post; its totally a tease isn’t it!? But now I am headed to tie up some odds and ends before I have to get ready for the cocktail party!!!

Thank you Wellsphere/Health Central!!!!

I hope you all are enjoying your Fridays as much as I am!


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