Power Packed PB & O!

French toast is probably my favorite breakfast, which I am sure you have guessed by the couple times I have mentioned it within the blog, BUT this morning I was looking for something quick, with staying power, and obviously deliciousness.

I personally like a good combo breakfast with starch, protein, fat and fruit so after thinking a little bit about what I had in my house already, I decided to make a Power Packed PB & O!

Similar to a PBJ, you have your bread (or Thomas’ Whole Grain English Muffin with extra fiber), some peanut butter, and then instead of the jam I topped it with some Plain Oikos and Strawberries. This was so good and perfect for a simple summer snack or breakfast. I had some egg whites and more yogurt on the side because I personally enjoy a nice big breakfast before I exercise, but definitely keep this in your bag of tricks if you need something easy on the fly!

And why did I want such a quick meal? Usually breakfast is my favorite leisure time, BUT I wanted to get moving so I could be on my way to HLS! As I mentioned yesterday I am driving down this morning to get settled and Ryan is meeting me later tonight to go to the Phillies game! What an absolutely awesome four day weekend!

I hope you guys enjoy yours, as well J


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