It's Go Time! HLS Here I Come!

Oh man, this is kind of embarrassing to admit but I am super nervous for this weekend!

All of my college friends graduated and moved away, and most of my high school group no longer lives in the area, so in the last few years I have found it difficult to connect with many people my age. I did things a little differently than many in their early twenties, getting married and purchasing a home by 21; two things I am very proud of but, because of these two things I call myself an “in-between.”

Ryan will be 30 next year and most of his guy friends are not married, and those who are, have kids. The bachelors of the group LOVE to go out. They are a whole lot of fun, and I enjoy going to clubs to dance, but my body does not function well on no sleep, and I don’t really drink so it is hard for me to keep up…I swear sometimes I am 24 going on 60! The rest of the fellas, who have babies and strollers and big SUV’s, don’t really have time to spend with us as a couple, or they are making new companions with other kid families.

I don’t think I am a boring person by any means. I have a ton of interests, and plenty to do so it’s not like I am sitting her twiddling my thumbs and drowning in my own sorrows, but it just means I am anxious, in a good way for the weekend! It will be the first time I will be surrounded by 200 other people who have similar interests, goals, and beliefs.

I posted a long time ago, on how this feels like kindergarten because its unknown territory, excited nerves, and planning (I think I tried on 6 dresses for the gosh darn cocktail party!). I feel so fortunate to be going and after reading Hangry Pants entry and suggestions, I feel totally ready! So if you are attending HLS, I will be the girl with a pink notebook (yes, I am an old school note taker), a smile, and a two letter name! I can’t wait to meet you all J

But on another note, since I am leaving tomorrow, a day early to take my husband to a Phils game.  So that means, because I absolutely HATE wasting food, that it was a “use whatever is in the fridge” dinner night! And actually, it turned out fantastic!

In the mix:

  • Approximately 2-3 oz ground free range bison
  • Zucchini
  • Broccoli
  • Spinach
  • Red Peppers
  • CRUSHED RED PEPPER (lots and lot and lots!)
  • Just a tiny bit of tomato sauce
  • Grated 75% Cabot Cheese

You have seen similar meals on here before because I happen to love tomato based things, but the star of this meal was the bison! Have you ever had bison? It is super lean, and has a different flavor than beef, but is rich and delicious. I bought a pound awhile back at a farmers market and froze it into little baggies to make burgers. I fully intended on making burgers at some point this week but then my mom came home and we all ate together leaving the poor thawed meat neglected in the fridge.

I highly recommend if you like lean beef to try some bison because it has similar nutritional stats and really does add a lot of flavor to a dish!

And of course I paired this with some nice crusty bread for dipping!  But dessert was also something to rave about! 

Tonight I tried a chocolate Heart Thrive energy bar. I saw them on Tessa’s blog a few weeks ago and thought they looked awesome! After researching them on the web I was really impressed with their nutritional profile, as well, and the fact that they came in a ton of different flavors! I like to call these whole food based products, “feel good goodies,” and the Heart Thrive Bar certainly lived up to that. It was super chewy and moist, almost like a Clif Bar, or dense cookie, which is my personal preference so I was more than satisfied after consumption (especially with the Vanilla Almond Milk that we perfect for a dunk or two!). If you are looking for something new, that is vegan, wheat and dairy free, this is a great choice, and I will definitely be having the second serving in the future.

And now I am procrastinating, writing and reading a ton of blogs, and answering e-mails when I really should be packing.

I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday night!

Any new products to recommend? Lately I have been loving to try new things J


14 thoughts on “It's Go Time! HLS Here I Come!

    • well then it sounds like we have a lot in common! I cant wait for this weekend. i think i have been counting down since the day I bought my ticket! Travel safey!!!

  1. I’m a little nervous too but mostly excited! I will be taking notes the old-fashioned way too…got my notebook and several pens set aside for packing! I can relate to you about the friends thing…both my husband and I are transplants to Central PA. Despite the fact that we have been here for about 9 years, we still don’t have a ton of friends that we hang out with regularly. Now that we have kids it is a little more difficult to go out though : ) See you Friday…I’ll text you in the afternoon!

  2. awww yay you’re going to have so much fun! I’m bummed I can’t be there but my in-laws are helping me move… worst timing evahhh! have fun for the two of us ok!? =)

    can’t wait til you get back to hear all about it! mwah!

    • bummer! i hate moving! its so much work haha. I am going to have to get a tutorial on your photography skills! your site is beautiful! hopefully I can meet you next year 🙂

  3. You said this all so well! I’m excited and a little nervous too. I’ve always been friends with people older than me; I feel like I “grew up” early too! Being married and living on your own seems rare at 23 these days. 🙂 But I’m so ready to meet everyone and experience the conference stuff!!

    • me too! i still need to finish packing! talk about procastination! haha oh well I feel like I have been counting down for months! see you friday!! 🙂

  4. Wooohoo thank you for the shout out, I am so glad you liked those! I should order more, they were quite tasty 🙂
    I so wish I was going! But I have to move back to school on Sunday so that would have been far too stressful. I hope you have an amazing time though and connect with others! I cannot wait to hear about how much fun you have!

    • I completely understand about school. Going back is stressful as is, and I know you are definitely looking forward to all your RA duties! well nejoy your last few days at home! hopefully we can meet up sometimes. I am sure we would have a ton to talk about!!!

  5. I’m pumped for HLS! Not all of my friends are into fitness, and they all seem to be off doing their own thing whether it’s getting married, buying a house, having babies, etc. So I am really excited to meet you and the other bloggers and make some new friends! 🙂

  6. Woooo!! Crushed red peppers galore, a girl after my own heart!!

    It’s going to be amazing. This trip was actually a birthday present to myself, and for reasons that might not be so obvious. See, last year, for my birthday, I jumped out of an airplane skydiving. This year, I wanted to have another adventure, one very different from my last one. So I figured “What else scares me?” Oh yeah, going into a conference with 200 of my “closest blends” (most of whom) I’ve never met.

    I can’t WAIT to meet you, pink notebook and all. I’ll be the 6’1″ gal with a big grin on her face and, more likely than not, PJ shorts because I just feel like it’s too hot for yoga pants.

    • haha i love you already!! what a sweet birthday gift! i was at the reading terminal market today and they have some killer birthday cakes! we might just have to get you one 🙂 Yayyyy for tomorrow!!!!

  7. Thanks for the shout-out! It’s not everyday you see Cabot cheddar paired with bison, but since you gave such a great review I’ll have to try it! Thanks again 🙂

    • We pair it with pretty much everything! Rocco Dispirito told us to look for the product last year when we saw him at NYC food and wine festival, and ever since then we use it for grilled cheese, melt it in sandwiches, for mexican, just plain with mustard…pretty much anything you can think of 🙂

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