Tuesday PTG


When I was at Princeton Inpatient Hospital we did something I really enjoyed at the end of every day. We had snack, of course, and a community meeting, but the thing I particularly liked was the “PTG,” stating what we were proud of for that day, thankful for, and whether or not we accomplished a goal we had set for ourselves. I had a little bit of guilt after my breakfast this morning because I was abnormally ravenous and so I thought it might be nice to distract myself by thinking of something more positive rather than the amount of food I had just consumed. So I hopped on the computer, twittered, face booked, checked my e-mail, you know the normal routine and then I saw a message from one of my old friends at Princeton. It was a very nice message which helped, but it also made me think of PTG and how appropriate I thought the exercise would be for a morning like this!


I was just having a conversation with my husband the other night about being thankful for the blogging community. I have tried to be very open, especially the last few weeks, about my personal experiences and struggles for selfish reasons (because journaling does help) and in an attempt to help others who might be feeling the same things I have in the past, or even right now. So I wanted to start my Tuesday with a PTG.


hat am I proud of? I am happy to say I am proud of a few things in my life right now. I am proud that I have invested myself by trying to expand my blog and truly enjoying all that this brings; “meeting” new people, allowing myself to be creative, etc. I am proud of listening to my body and giving it what it wants, even if it is more than my meal plan describes. I am proud of helping my sister through a very difficult situation (which I am not ready to talk about on here yet, but you will probably be hearing about it soon…I will actually need some advice!). And overall, I am just proud of the positive changes I have made in my life to push further along into the recovery process.


I mentioned this when I talked about my conversation with Ryan the other night, but honestly I am extremely thankful for the blogging world. If you read my very first, second and third entries you would see that I did not start this blog and continue it right away. It took me three atempts to actually stick with the process and have the confidence to write about me. I did not think anyone would want to read my story, or listen to my struggles with exercise, food and self-esteem but instead felt people would take one look at my lack of computer and web-design skills and move onto the next site. And if you, as a reader, do that, that is fine…that is why there are a bunch of blogs out there, so you can pick which you most relate to! But from the people who do comment, or the e-mails I get, it feels wonderful to have others to connect with. I honestly try to answer every person that responds to my posts because it means that world to me that you read. And not only that you read but that you UNDERSTAND and can relate to the content I write. I only hope that my situations can help someone else have an easier time in their journeys toward balanced living because I know many of the people who have opened up to me in the past were very influential in the positives I have in my process today. So thank you guys for reading. It makes my days to hear from you, and if there is anything you need, or would like to hear about, please let me know J


As far as goals, well I have a lot of goals, but today specifically I need to pack for HLS, which may seem easy but I am a planner who needs to try everything on, ensure I have a few extra outfits just in case the main ones do not feel right, etc. It sound kind of silly but hey, I would rather feel good and confident with my choices than get there and not be prepared…This goes hand in hand with my next ambition of the day, to tell myself one positive thing (at least!) every hour. I am getting really nervous for the Summit because the other attendees are people I really admire and look up to. Despite the fact that I have only been participating, commenting, and writing my own blog for a few months, I have been a reader for years. I got a lot of recipes, work out tips, hope and inspiration from many of the females who are going to be in Philadelphia in just a few days. This makes me nervous! Its like the entry I wrote the other day about The Help…as much as I hate to admit I want to be accepted, I really do! I am not the picture of a balanced lifestyle (yet ;-)) but more like a work in progress that struggles every day to stay on the right path and I will be surrounded by others who are exactly where I want to be; healthy, beautiful, and strong! Am I doing well? I think so, but obviously there is a long way to go. I am thrilled for the opportunity to spend the weekend among my peers, but I can’t help but want to be like that too. I am no role model, but hopefully some day I can be, and this weekend I hope to learn ways I can help influence and encourage people in a positive way through words, just like others have done for me. So today I have my work cut out because I don’t always do well at giving myself praise, feeling self-conscious and conceited, but kindness and self-love are neither of those things. They are merely a reminder that I am a good person and am worth it. I hope you can do the same J


What is your Tuesday PTG?


16 thoughts on “Tuesday PTG

  1. What a wonderful post for me to read this morning and i really like the idea of this. I always find myself focusing on everything negative that is in my life… but I am realizing that it does nothing for me! Thinking about what I am proud of is so helpful and I am going to attempt to Incorporate this into my day on a regular basis 🙂

    I am so glad you have stuck with this whole blogging thing, I mean seriously, isn’t it great? I am beyond thankful for the support this community offers and allows me to know I am so not the only one that struggles with the endless issues I have around food, exercising and my body.

    I am so jealous you are going to HLS! I wanted to attend but I am moving back to school on Sunday so that would have been much too stressful

    • im bummed you arent going too! i really want to meet you lady! i wish you luck with school. that is awfully stressful but I know you can handle it wth flying colors 🙂
      and yes i love blogging and the community! if it werent for that I honestly dont think I could have remained as positive as I have. Without the support of those who truly understand, I would have fallen in many situations that have occurred during my recovery!
      have an awesome tuesday and PTG 🙂

  2. It sounds like your doing so well.

    I have mixed feelings about blogs. I think you have to be very, very careful…they often (and unconsciously) can feed into the eating disorder mindset…comparison, judgements, obsession with food…even isolation from being connected to social media, etc…I don’t know, touchy subject for me :(…but I feel guilty for binging. So over-eating at breakfast like you say makes me sad because I’m sure it was healthy – and breakfast!! Not late at night before bed.

    • I do actually agree with you about blogs sometimes being triggering. Inititally I would compare what I was eating or how much Iwas exercising to everyone i read but then i thought…i am different than they are, have different nutritional requirements, a different biological make up, etc. I can’t compare to them, but I can still look for healthy tips and tricks, and I can stil admire their writing and accomplishments. I apologize if you feel that way though. it is something that is very difficult to overcome…competition and comparison are two deadly parts of ED that i am still working on myself! breakfast because it is my favorite meal of day and also the only time when no one else is up in my house, is the scaries time for me to eat a big amount. i go to bed the earliest and everyone stays awake till long after i am sleeping so when i am down in the kitchen, all alone, with all my favorite kinds of food, that is when i worry. anywhere between 4:30-5:30 am are the most terrifying times of day. Not to mention i did used to struggle a bit with night eating when i was super, duper, restrictive. i hope you have a good day hunni. tell yourself something nice.. You have an awesome blog! 🙂

  3. No dear, you are not the picture of a balanced lifestyle YET! 😉 But I love and accept you no matter what….and am so proud of you for trying so hard to attain just that…please be kind to yourself, BREATHE and enjoy all that the HLS has to offer. The women you will meet are fallible people just like you…all working toward the same goal…H H W…

  4. I like the PTG idea! have fun at HLS. I’m proud to have a cuty hubby, thankful to have a loving family, and working toward healing my feet. I can’t wait to run again (never thought I’d say that).

  5. I love the idea of PTG! I could totally see myself using that with my students!

    Today I’m proud of myself for getting up on time, I’m thankful that my husband is safe, and I accomplished my goal of prepping my classroom. (I actually feel pretty good typing that out!)*

    • Ohhh I hope you do use it with your students! I do and they look at me like I am nuts haha but I also work with alternative ed and they arent as open to positivity as some! Thank you fo telling me your PTG! I pray for our soldiers every night because it is just so wonderful that we have brave men and women in this country to keep it safe! Awesome job for getting your class done! I know how big a task that can be!

  6. It’s actually the end of the day, a long rather tough one, and yours have been inspiring thoughts to read. We sat down and had a good talk about what went wll and what we achieved in spite of the frustrations and you know, it was something to be proud of! Thanks for reminding us that every day brings us something positive!

    • I am so glad you could do that! It really is important to evaluate ourselves and recognize our accomplishments we have on a daily basis. Sometimes I dont think we give ourselves enough credit and it often leads to way to much negativity in the world. Thank you for reading 🙂 have an awesome tuesday evening!

  7. Great blog!! I love the PTG idea!!! Today I’m proud I honored my hunger and ate my lunch at my desk at 10:30 instead of suppressing my hunger/ignoring it until my “scheduled” time of 12:30. I am thankful for my RD who has helped me so much and motivates me and sets a healthy example for me. I accomplished the goal of eating a little bit over my exchanges because I have been so hungry all day instead of restricting so that I did not eat over any of my exchanges. I am trying to find a healthy balance with exercise and food also, hang in there!

    • thanks hun for stopping by! you had a lot of major accomplishments today!!! that is so wonderful! hopefully ill hear from you more soon. I always love to relate to readers and we sound very similar 🙂 Good luck in your recovery as well!!

  8. I think that by sharing your story and reaching out for help make you a role model! Asking for help and sharing your story is insanely difficult and your blog has helped you do both. You could be inspiring a reader to reach out for help or at least share her (or his) story. I think your PTG is a great idea 🙂 Focusing on the positives are always helpful!

  9. Wow – very well written and eloquent. It is very touching to read as you are going through your journey, sharing your struggles. I particularly like the “PTG”. Something to think about when the chips just seem to stay down! It is easy to forget that we are blessed by something every day! Certainly something I must remember as I recover from a brain injury, and some days, just feel like I am scrambled! Baby steps and focus on the positives – will try harder. Will think about the PTGs – thank you for your insight.

    • wow that is amazing that you are overcoming a brain injury! i hope you can do a PTG evaluation every now and then. Sometimes it really does put things in perspective. Thank you for reading!

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