Taco Salad Tuesday


One of the fifty million reasons I am ready for school to start is getting back to a routine and being busy all day. I am not good with downtime at all. I am a super fidgety person to begin with and when I get bored, oh my goodness I go stir crazy. At school I rarely sit down because with only two of us and twenty-four students, it really can be difficult meeting all their individual needs every minute of the day. You might be thinking, “oh, that’s nothing, teachers handle their classes all the time,” but since we have grades 6 through 12 all in one building, everyone has different assignments, are on different academic levels, and many have individualized education plans. This translates to my colleague and I running around like mad trying to help them all succeed and get back to actual school. And I love this aspect of my job! I have some great stories about the shenanigans the kids try to pull as our backs are turned, some proud moments when I do feel like I really helped, and the days literally fly! Overall I just love my job and can’t wait for it to start.


The pool, however is a different story. Do not get me wrong., am so grateful to have a job. There are many people who would do anything to make some extra money right now so I am VERY appreciative of my position, but now that it is August, it was a relatively “cold” week where I live, and everyone’s getting ready for school, it has been SO boring. Yesterday, in ten hours of being open, one man brought his son to swim. That was it. The rest of the time I was pretty much glued to my phone, read a few magazines that my mom brought home, read some of my kindle, twiddled my thumbs, you know, anything I could to keep my brain active! And today I couldn’t wait until my shift was over because I knew I had a lot to accomplish this evening (including getting my hair done! For some reason I love that…maybe its when they shampoo and massage your scalp?) and my mom is home to visit!


My mom (I call her Geege by the way, so if I use that term it is my mother) and I are super closer. As a matter of fact my mom, my sister and I are all like abnormally close. If I don’t text my mom at least 5 times in a day its weird and my sister and I live together so we pretty much are always in each others business, but I really wouldn’t want it any other way. I think we actually have become even closer in the last three years because of a few things that happened within our family. My mom and dad got divorced, I got married and bought a home of my own, my sister got pregnant when she was 17, I was in the hospital for two Christmases in a row, and now my mom lives two and a half hours away. So many changes happened and yet we have gotten closer. I think that is because we appreciate each other more now. I mean I guess that is the saying, “you don’t really know what you have until its gone…” but we are only all together maybe two to three times a month so tonight I am very happy it is one of those times!


Because all three of us were not home during the day, and I knew I would only get home around 6 o’clock, Geege called and asked if I would pick up dinner. Sure! No problemo! And here was the weirdest part….I wanted Wendys! What?!?! Yes, Wendys. I LOVE their chili. I always have for some reason. It makes a fantastic topping for a taco salad and since Corazonas sent me some new tortilla chips to try I thought what better way to have them, than with a good old taco salad! When my mom heard what I was suggesting I think she was shocked. I don’t often ask for specific things like that, number one. And number two, fast food? But in my effort to live a more balanced lifestyle why not go with my gut (ha, good pun CJ). I was craving a taco salad, did not want to wait hours for my own chili to simmer (because we all know it takes a long time for all the flavors to marry together) and had these delicious looking chips on my counter, so it would be so much easier to stop for five minutes and grab Wendys!


I realize this is not the typical Burger and Fries combo most people think of when they hear fast food but still, it is a bit out of my comfort zone and in good PTG fashion, I would say that I am proud of my choice. My mom even got the same thing!


Look! A Taco Tower!


  • 50/50 Lettuce Mix
  • Sliced Red Peppers
  • Wendys’ Chili
  • A Dash of Texas Pete Hot Sauce
  • A Glop of Oikos Plain Greek Yogurt


And on the side…Corazonas Spicy Rio Habenero Potato Chips and Black Bean and Cheese Tortillas


Of course I had to try both kinds because each went perfectly with my main meal, and honestly, both were delicious! The tortillas reminded me a lot of a Dorito….but crunchier and with a lot more flavor! And the Habenero are certainly crunchy with a spicy kick! You all know how much I love crunch and I really love hot stuff so these were a super satisfying side dish! Definitely get your hands on these babies if you enjoy a little Mexican flair. There are a bunch of other flavors as well so I might just have to pick those up at some point. What is better with lunch or dinner than a crunchy chip, right?


And to cool down my taste buds I rounded out the meal with a bowl of fruit and some greek yogurt to dip! Awesome summer dinner! And Now I am going to enjoy the DVR with my momma since she is leaving for Paris at the end of the week! Lucky her!!!!


Do you ever have fast food? Do you have a favorite??


Any good grocery buys lately you want to share???


7 thoughts on “Taco Salad Tuesday

  1. I have never heard of the Corazona’s chips before – they look tasty though! I love taco salads! Sometimes I splurge and get one from a restaurant in the food court near my office. It’s not very often but when I do it’s delicious!

    • They are really good chips and actually pretty healthy stats as far as chips go! i need to make taco salads more often! they really arent that difficult to make its just something i rarely think of! and hey, a nice food court visit is a good thing every now and then…healthy living is all about balance right 🙂

  2. SO glad I just came across your blog 🙂 I forgot how much I loved Wendy’s chili, and really, its protein packed and not such a bad choice! My mom, sister, and I are all very close as well, and I hate to not have my days jam-packed with activities. Downtime is my worst enemy, as terrible as it sounds!
    Great blog, I’m looking forward to reading more! 🙂

    • Ohh I am so excited you commented on my page so now I have a new blog to read!!! I am really excited to learn more about you as it seems we have a lot in common! have a wonderful wednesday 🙂

  3. Being close with family is so important. I think it is need how close you are. My father and I are the same way… if we don’t call each other 13923049 million times a day – something is wrong:) lol. YUMMY salad too!

    • Good I am so glad I am not the only weirdo whos entire text message plan is used on my family!!! It is so awesome to have a close relationship, they are some of the only people that will ALWAYS be there! Thats why I liked the blogging community…sometimes the supportiveness really does seem like a family 🙂

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