Overnight Oats Attempt 1

Yesterday I bought my first bunch on Chia Seeds, after reading about them on about a million blogs for the past few years.  I really don’t know what took me so long but I thought this would be the perfect time to try overnight oats in a jar.  I had recently finished a jar of Nature’s Promise Sunflower Butter so it was as if OIAJ was meant to happen. 

There are an infinite number of possibilities when it comes to this breakfast (or lunch, or dinner, or snack 🙂 ) but I decided to combine some of my favorite elements, and suggestions from all the bloggers I love.  In the mix was:

  • 1/3 cup old fashioned oats
  • 1/3 jar of water
  • 1/4 cup almond breeze unsweetened vanilla
  • about a teaspoon of chia seeds (which I think I might double this next time)
  • a scoop of oikos 0% plain greek yogurt
  • the scrapings of sunflower butter on the sides of the jar (obviously the best part!)
  • half a large banana mashed into the mix
  • sprinkle of cinnamon

I put this in the refrigerator when I got home from work last night, and it soaked until about 6:00 this morning

Then I added:

  • teaspoon of Peanut Butter and Co. Cinnamon Raisin Swirl
  • 1/8 cup Kashi Go Lean Crunch
  • little bit more cinnamon

Overall it was super yummy.  A really delicious and easy breakfast I will definitely keep in my back pocket for school mornings when I have a little less time!  There are a few things, however, I think I would do differently…

  • Add some more cut fruit in the morning (maybe the other half banana or some sliced strawberries)
  • More chias or try ground flax seed meal
  • Different types of nut butters (Dark Chocolate Dreams anyone?!)
  • More crunch on top!

We all know I am a texture girl so I think some crushed nuts or even more crunchy cereal would make this breakfast even better!  I was actually thinking I can’t wait to add my Warrior Crunch Granola next week after HLS! 

If you haven’t heard about Warrior Crunch visit http://www.nutsaboutgranola.com/.  Order a bag and help the super good cause of cancer research.  The company is out of York, PA (I love supporting local businesses!!) and offers a bunch of granola varieties to order.  If you like granola, appreciate health, and helping people, I feel like this is an easy way to satisfy all three! 🙂

I hope you guys have an awesome saturday! 

What are your variations of OIAJ??

Any other fun suggestions for Chia Seeds of Flax Meal?


2 thoughts on “Overnight Oats Attempt 1

  1. I love overnight oats!! They have become a staple in my breakfast rotation! I use a similar basic recipe and then add mix-ins in the morning depending on my mood!

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