Unexpected Day Off

Oh my gosh do I love rain right now.  Normally rain is my least favorite weather pattern, especially during the school year when I have to run my students all over campus, involving long stretches outside, but today I was one hundred percent praying for rain.  I was being completely selfish hoping for a dreary day but poor weather means no pool and after the summer I have been having so far occupationally, I seriously could use a good week off.  Some day I will write about how working at a small community pool turned out to be way more stressful than working in alternative education program, but seriously, that post will be twelves pages long. 

Anyway, this drizzly day was great from the start…

I woke up at my normal 5 AM because I simply cannot sleep any later.  Had my usual breakfast and dragged myself to the treadmill.  And then when I went to my bedroom to grab something I needed Ryan looked so peaceful all snuggled up under the covers.  I had a few hours before I had to run some errands, and I was scheduled to work late at the pool so I did something pretty uncharacteristic of me and jumped back in bed.  I must have fallen back to sleep right away because the next think you know I looked at the clock and it was 8:30!  I quickly got dressed, gave Ry a kiss and headed out the door to be at an appointment.  The best part about this was….

I was near a Great Harvest!!!!

This is the closest one to me and is nearly an hour away so any time I am even remotely in the area I replenish my stock.  Oh man, this time they had something I knew Ryan would absolutely go crazy about…


The first time Ryan ever had Great Harvest was around Easter time when we were doing our shopping at the Ardmore Farmers Market.  I had apparently gotten distracted chit-chatting with the GH owner about her low-fat Morning Glory Muffins and when Ryan finally tracked me down he was seriously ready for lunch.  But as you all probably know, GH is awesome at giving out samples.  They had some of their holiday bread on display and he happily took a hunk as the attendant offered.  He was hooked at first bite, and although today they did not have the holiday bread, I knew he would be so thankful to have another sweet munchie in the house.  And do you see that slice that was cut before I even got a chance to snap a photo?  Yup, he liked it!

I also picked up for me…

Low Carb Multi-Grain

Low Fat Blueberry Muffin

It took all I had to not reach in the bag on my passenger seat and nibble on this muffin on the drive home but I did contain myself until after lunch.  Then I had to have half as a nice little bit of dessert.  I figured I should at least save some for tomorrow’s breakfast.  I think I have a new favorite.  I love the Morning Glory but a classic Blueberry warmed up with a glass of Almond Breeze.  Sounds good to me.

After I got home Ry and I made a quick-lunch, watched some Master Chef and then I went to see my Dad.  This is always a treat for me because he is so busy and is rarely in town so I truly enjoy the time we have together.  He seemed a little funny today and it finally made sense when he told me he got hit in the head with a Jet Ski this weekend!  He assured me he was fine, with just a minor concussion, but seriously Dad, who gets hit in the head with a Jet Ski?! I was so worried for him! That is not something I picture happening in every day life, more like something you see in a comedic movie.  Gosh Poppy, please be careful!

By the time I got home, cleaned up a little bit, and did some work it was time to make dinner!  After seeing my delicious “pizza” last night Ryan decided he wanted one so I made him a meat-lovers man pizza on regular crust and myself a nice bowl of vegetables, chicken sausage, tomato sauce and cheese…

But the highlight was the 2 slices of GH on the side!

I think this may have beaten my meal last night.  The doughy, but crunchy texture of the bread toasted in the oven made this meal Amazing with a capital A! 

Now I am stuffed, procrastinating cleaning up the kitchen, and ready to turn on some Jeopardy!

I hope you all have a fantastic evening!

What do you do on your days off?

Have you ever tried Great Harvest?  What is your favorite variety?


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