Warpspeed Weekend

This Sullivan Weekend consisted of….

Making a lot of this…

Walking a lot of this…

While drinking about a bagillion gallons of this…

And smiling from ear to ear while watching this…

Ryan and my Uncle had their ups and downs this weekend, placing within their flight, but slightly disappointed with their performance this morning.  But one thing I noticed that was different this year was Ryan’s demeanor.  He is typically a pretty ultra  competitive guy, and the first few times he played he would be so down on himself if he didn’t make a putt, or missed his target.  But this year I was pleasantly surprised at how relaxed he seemed and genuinely excited for the spirit of the event and the gathering of his friends, rather than for the prospect of victory.  This is a lesson I observed closely because sometimes I beat myself up for not being the best or absolutely perfect.  But what is perfect anyway?  We will save that discussion for another post…

And although I absolutely love watching two men I love so much compete in one of my favorite sports, I really enjoyed seeing how the guys have changed and yet still stayed the same throughout the last few years.  They may have started families, got “grown-up” jobs, or moved to different states, but when they come together it still feels like they hang out every day.  I wish I had taken more photos this weekend, to show how truly blessed I feel to be included in such a stellar group, but as you may be able to tell from the pictures of the first annual Cornhole Championship (and the nifty new plaque Steve is shown engraving) these guys helped me understand that it really is the little things, being able to let loose and have a good time, that makes life so special.  

Who knew I could get such an education in just three short days?  Thanks guys for such a super weekend and congratulations to Campanelli and McCreesh for being Sullivan Champs 2011!  Already counting down to next year…


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