TGISF And A Mid-Afternoon Story

Thank Gosh It’s Sullivan Friday!!!

What does this mean you ask?  It means that we have a house full of guests that stay with us this weekend every summer to participate in a golf tournament.  Ok that may sound kinda silly now that I am typing it out but Ryan and I only get to see these guys once a year, he and my Uncle play as a team in this tournament which is really awesome to watch, this is the weekend we started dating what seems like forever ago, and the festivities outside the golf course are always a ton of fun!

Since I am one of the lone females in the house this weekend I mostly let the guys bond, but the joy that comes to me this weekend, is watching how happy it makes Ryan. He looks forward to this starting the day it ends and for two weeks beforehand he preps the basement, makes a grocery list, for supplies incessantly e-mails back and forth with the group to make sure everything will be perfect, and of course practices a little golf.  It just makes me smile to see his passion and excitement and staring last night when the guys began to arrive he has reminded me of a kid on Christmas morning.  I wonder what how he will be when the rest get here…

So with this in mind I thought it might be a good time to introduce a little bit about myself outside an eating disorder, food and travel.  In the spirit of Sullivan Weekend and essentially our five-year anniversary of dating, I wanted to tell you a little story about how I became a Weaber…

Rewind back to when I was twelve, a little girl who was patiently waiting for her golf bag before Junior Golf.  I was with my best friend Lara and our parents stored our bags in the pro-shop so we did not have to carry them with us every week.  Ryan, who was 17 at the time, happened to be the bag room attendant and was providing us with our clubs.  Lara’s older brother was friends with Ryan so in passing I got to meet him a few times…

Through the years we had a lot of mutual friends and saw each other during the summer on different outings in our small town, etc.  But the summer going into college a group of us started watching Entourage together on Sunday nights.  It just so happens we typically met up at Ryan’s.

One night my sophomore year no one showed up but me.  We sat on opposite couches and had casual conversation, but I had previously mentioned to another friend that I was starting to think of Ryan in a different way than just Sunday Entourage companions, and the friend shot this idea down really quickly saying I was way too young and Ryan looked at me as a little sister.  Ok so as a not so confident 19-year-old I put that thought out of my mind and continued to sit on the opposite couch and showed up just to watch the show.

Like Ryan I also enjoy to play golf so one afternoon I sent a text inviting some friends to play.  Ryan was the only one who showed….

Can you guess what happened next?

We played golf, had an awesome time and he asked if I wanted to get something for dinner after the round.  I was hungry and he was cute so of course I said yes.  Then dinner turned into a movie the next night…then swimming two days later.  And a few weeks after was Sullivan Weekend.  None of our friends knew we were hanging out as much as we were but it was pretty obvious when we were in such a public setting.  It was the first time we openly acknowledged our “dating” status.  Ohhh I think we may have even changed it on Facebook to be “In a Relationship,” which obviously makes it very serious…

From that point on we built a relationship that has endured a pretty darn tough few years.  He is a wonderful husband and I am very lucky to have someone that has known me for so long and knows how to support me even when sometimes I don’t know how I need to be supported.  I did not grow up with very many positive role models when it came to relationships so I try to remind myself, even when I am in the most negative mindsets, of how I blessed I am.  So thank you for listening.  I hope you all have a wonderful start to the weekend!!!

What is your favorite part of the summer?


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