Mojo Mania and Some Sweet and Salty Suggestions

Let’s talk about indecision.  I am a horrible decision maker.  Date night will often go like this:

Ryan: “What movie would you like to see tonight?”

CJ: “Oh I don’t care you just pick one.”

Ry: “I picked last time so it is your turn.”

CJ: “Well there is this option and this option and I don’t know if I am in the mood for comedy or serious or romantic or…can you please just pick?!”

Usually this goes round and round for a few minutes and it can be seriously annoying.  indecision is something that occurs in many aspects of my life, and this definitely includes food.  I am a girl who likes variety.  I like variety within every meal.  I need crunch.  I need salt.  I need sweet.  I need it all.  I think this stems from the lowest point in my eating disorder when I could never actually construct a meal.  It was usually a random semblance of snacks because I was afraid if I chose one thing I would not be satisfied and would be hunting for something more.  So in order to eliminate this from happening I thought it would be better to have a little of everything I considered safe, but still met my craving for texture and differing tastes.

Now that I am much better at constructing a food plan I learned you really can have fun combinations that satisfy all your desires.  But to stick with the theme of snacks, since that’s what I have focused on the last two posts, I want to share my go-to stash of salty, sweet, crunch, and then focus on my current favorite.

These are amazing…

PB and J Snack Mix I picked up in Williamsburg containing Peanut Butter Chips, dried cranberries and peanuts.  Obviously this will be pretty easy to recreate when the bag is empty.

Barney Butter Snack Packs…these are easily portable, pre-portioned and delicious!  They go well with so many things but I love them most with bananas, pretzels, cinnamon-raising bagel thins, and in oatmeal.

Peanut Toffee Buzz Clif Bar…these are my favorite things to pack when I know I won’t have a meal for a while, or if I need an on-the-go breakfast.  Hint: They have caffeine in them so they are not only great tasting but a nice little pick me up.

Emerald Sweet and Salty Chocolate Peanut Butter Mixed Nuts…yes, the title is a mouthful and that is exactly what you will want when you taste them, another mouthful! I posted about these in a previous entry but if you have not picked these up yet, definitely consider doing so.

And finally….


I am obsessed with these.  I usually order them on Amazon so I can get the variety box because I cannot decide (go figure since I mentioned like 5 paragraph ago that I can’t make decisions) which flavor is my favorite.  I love the Mountain Mix, the Peanut Butter Pretzel, and the Chocolate Dipped Peanut BUT word on the street is there are a few NEW flavors!  AND the best part is they are some of my favorite taste combinations of all time!

Chocolate Almond Coconut


White Chocolate Macadamia

I will definitely be ordering these ASAP!  I first tried the Mountain Mix and was blown away by the fact that my sweet, salty AND crunch criteria was met in one single treat that was also filling and had a decently healthy nutrition profile!  So for all of you non-decision makers out there, Clif has hooked you up with a no-brainer! Pick up a box (or two) of these stat!

If you have tried the new flavors, please please please let me know how they are!

What are your favorite flavor combos?!


2 thoughts on “Mojo Mania and Some Sweet and Salty Suggestions

  1. I love the salty/sweet flavor combination…I think that’s why I’m a sucker for anything peanut/chocolate! I’m pretty indecisive too, my husband and I have the same conversation over movies. : )

  2. The sweet and salty combination is most definitely my favorite flavor combo… pretzels dipped in chocolate make me swoon! And those tasty yogurt covered pretzels are amazing too 🙂
    I am so so indecisive too… it’s something I want to work on as it kind of annoys me sometimes!

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