Ants On A Raft

When I was in elementary school, before the whole peanut-allergy crazy, we often got “Ants on a Log” as a snack.  I have heard there are different renditions of this but Cornwall Elementary served celery sticks with peanut butter and raisins…if we were lucky chocolate chips.

I remember liking this well enough but as I got older I discovered I really do not like celery.  Am I alone in this?  I mean its crunchy, and I do like crunch, but it really doesn’t taste like much.  So, I decided to give the old Ants on a Log a little twist…

Graham Crackers provide the same crunch sensation (to me at least) as celery and taste 4856464987987 times better. So start with a graham cracker…any kind will do.

Then add a layer of nut butter.  Again, any kind will do I just happen to have Peanut Butter and Co. Cinnamon Raisin Swirl on hand so that is my preference today.

Then just to add some more nutrients, you may totally omit this step if you want, warm up some bananas and spread them on there too.

Now the finishing touch: Chocolate Chips!  I love dark chocolate but hey, this is your snack so choose your fancy!

This is obviously not the only way to do this…try experimenting with different nut butters, different gram flavors, maybe other fruits, chocolate chip varieties.  Seriously the possibilities are endless!  Not to mention with the melty banana it kind of reminds me of a smore?  Anyway, I apologize for the lack of picture of the finished product of this exact version but here is one of a more “plain-jane” Ants on a Raft without the warm and gooey banana deliciousness.

Since I am making an appearance at the grocery store today bananas will be in my cart and this just might have to be on my meal agenda for the next few days!  Sounds good to me!

Have an awesome Thursday!

What were your favorite snacks as a kid?  Any grown-up versions to share?!


4 thoughts on “Ants On A Raft

  1. Yumm these are bringing back some rather fond childhood memories 🙂 We were known as the junk food house… seriously we had all the best (and most processed/unhealthiest) treats and it was GREAT! Oh and guess what… my two older brothers and I were never overweight, we balanced our snacking with plenty of exercise outdoors 🙂

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