Mother Daughters Day

Today was a rare occasion where my mom, sister and I were all together.  Since my mom moved to New Jersey last year she doesn’t get to come home very often and Lindsay and I never have off at the same time which makes it difficult for us to go see her.  But since today we were lucky to all three be in the same place, we decided to go out to lunch and take my sister car shopping.

Because of where we were looking at cars our two options to eat were Chili’s and The Olive Garden.  I am not typically the biggest fan of chain restaurants but I do love the Olive Garden’s Venetian Apricot Chicken so I was happy when everyone seemed to want to eat there.  We sat in the bar area because as always the line for a table was three miles long.  I started with the Minestrone Soup as an appetizer with tons and tons of crushed red pepper on top and as you may have guessed the Venetian Chicken for my meal.

I must have been pretty hungry because I almost forgot to snap a photo! So I am very sorry about the cut up chicken.  I swear it looked prettier when it came out!

And following lunch we did a little car hunting and found the cutest little Volkswagen GTI for Linds.  She has an SUV now and with gas being so expensive she was really looking to get something more fuel-efficient.  She is still out looking but unfortunately I had to come home to go to work 😦

Sorry for the quick post but I will definitely be writing more later.  Have a great rest of the day!!

Do you have a favorite chain restaurant? 


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