Sarah’s Key Surprise!

Oh my gosh I was searching through Amazon today to load a new book on my Kindle and Sarah’s Key came up as a book I might like.  I actually read this book last year and LOVED it.  Loved may be an understatement.  I seriously could not put it down!  Anyway, the version on Amazon that came up was different from the one I have in paperback.  It turns out the new cover is the poster for a MOVIE!

According to IMBD the movie is to be released in the US July 22nd 2011, as in THIS FRIDAY!  Did anyone know about this?  Have I been living under a rock or something because I have not seen any previews or anything!  I know there are other Sarah’s Key lovers out there so if you know something I don’t, do tell!

Hopefully it will be coming to a theater near me because I would love to see it!

What is one of your favorite books that was turned into a movie?  Are there any that you thought the film was as good, or better than the book?


One thought on “Sarah’s Key Surprise!

  1. I love reading and I love reading books that have been turned into movies. It’s easier for me to visualize the main characters when I can see the actor/actress that portrayed them. Unfortunately, I have yet to find a movie that is better than the book. Every movie that I have seen that is based on a book is usually a letdown when compared to the books : (

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