Like Kindergarten…

So last night I was checking the HLS Facebook page and came across the article posted on The Delicate Place, “How to Not Be Awkward One Month Away!!” and realized oh my gosh I will be meeting over a hundred new people!

I love to be social.  I pride myself on being able to find something in common with almost everyone, or at least being able to chat because I tend to be a bit of a talker, but I never really considered how nerve-wracking next month could be!  Fortunately everyone is there for a similar interest.  And if you are like me and have been reading some of these blogs for years, you almost feel as if you know these people on a personal level, but in reality, we have never met!  So this is what ran through my head:

“Oh my gosh no one will like me.”

“No one will take me seriously as a blogger because I have no experience, I have nothing interesting to say, etc.”

“I will be all alone in the corner while everyone else has an awesome time around me.”

Reality check CJ.  Most people who are new to HLS are in a similar position.  Maybe the person next to you has these same anxieties.  These negative thoughts are parallel to the Fat Talk I have been trying to get rid of for months!  Why is i my natural instinct to turn something I am so excited about into a panic-evoking situation?

Does anyone else have these same fears?  I guess it is a natural desire to want your peers to accept/like you, but I think sometimes confidence is the best tool into making that happen.  Self-assurance is definitely not my strongest attribute but hey, I have thirty days to improve.  This won’t happen however, if I keep telling myself these pessimistic things!  So today I will tell myself:

“You WILL go the HLS and have an awesome time meeting people who share your interests, passions, and life goals!  Take advantage of this opportunity and make new friends!”

Seriously, its like Kindergarten.


One thought on “Like Kindergarten…

  1. I have some of these very same thoughts too. My main “issue” is that I tend to be quite shy. I really only speak when spoken too and find it difficult to talk about myself. I do best in very small, intimate groups so thinking of all the people that will be attending HLS makes me a little anxious. At the same time I’m so excited that I think my excitement will overcome my nerves. I’m just hoping that I will break out my shell a little and allow myself to make the most of the experience.

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