Kashi Cravings

I have not met a Kashi product I didn’t like.  The very first one I tried was Kashi Go Lean and I became obsessed with mixing it into yogurt to provide a little crunch.  Last summer I think I had the Go Lean Crunch every night for a bedtime snack, and recently I have grown to love their frozen products for a quick at work lunch or lazy girl dinner.

Two things this week made me LOVE Kashi even more.

1. As you know I am an avid coupon clipper, but I am also a weekly “circular” reader to determine where I am going to go to get the best deal.  One of our local grocery stores had a promotion sponsored by Kashi, if you purchased five of their products they gave you a voucher for $5 off your next grocery trip.  SOLD!  I was going to buy a crunchy snack anyway, which ended up being the 7 Grain Crackers, a few frozen meals and a box of their amazing Dark Chocolate Oatmeal cookies.  Not only did they give the voucher but these products were also “Bonus Buys” and featured another $1 sticker on the cookies!  Whoa, that is some serious serious savings!

2. I always sign up for those groups on different product websites and of course I became a member of the Kashi community a few months ago.  Well, this week they sent me these:

I have seen these a few times in the supermarket recently but because I enjoy Stacy’s Pita Chips and have been buying them for a while, I have the habit of just sticking to the same old same old.  But since these were free, I took a break from Stacy and decided to crack open the box.  These are so yummy!  Perfect amount of crunch, not too much salt, but enough to curb a craving, and an ingredient list that does not take up the whole side of the box!

Thank you Kashi.  Once again you do not disappoint and have converted me to a new pita!

Do you have a favorite food product or brand of snacks?!  I have a bunch that I love, but Kashi is pretty darn close to the top!


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