The Kitchen House

I have read Jenna’s blog, Eat, Live, Run, for a pretty long time.  One of my favorite things about her posts are the book reviews.  I LOVE BOOKS! I read about a bagillion now that I work at a pool all day and it is always helpful to go back through her old posts and find ones I have not yet downloaded.  She has so many good ones but right now I am totally enthralled with The Kitchen House by Kathleen, Grissom…

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It fit kind of perfectly with my life right now because it takes place partially in Williamsburg!  I love reading about places I literally just saw.  The plot is fantastic as well, taking place in the late 1700’s, with a story of indentured servitude, slavery, loss, love, and the conflicts in society during that time.  As a history major I love it for obvious reasons, but as a bookworm I hate putting it down to sign people in at the pool!  Thank you Jenna for suggesting such a fascinating read, and if you enjoy books, pick this one up!

Have an awesome evening 🙂

What are your favorite books?


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