Stretching and Snacks

When I was in college I cheered for both football and basketball meaning semester long seasons, and two to four days of mandatory stretching at practice.  Since then I have pretty much lost any flexibility I had and have a very difficult time motivating myself to stretch.  I have read countless times how important stretching is to prevent injuries, keep your muscles working properly and an essential for overall physical wellness but I stink at pushing myself and dedicating more than five minutes to the task.

Does anyone have any tips or good stretches to start with?  My legs would thank you.

On the positive, I did discover an awesome new snack today! I received a coupon from Emerald Nuts, getting $1.50 off if I purchased two of their items. (You can actually score a coupon on their website, as well!) Since we have a long car ride ahead of us tomorrow I thought it might be beneficial to pick up some portable delicious snacks.  I first selected their Breakfast On The Go Packs, Breakfast Nut Blend, to keep in the condo for a quick addition to my morning meal, but then I saw these:

Emerald Mixed Nut Blend

Um, dark chocolate and peanut butter flavored nuts, sign me up.  The 11.5 oz container cost $5.99, which is a little steep for my grocery budget, but with the coupon and my mouth-watering, I justified the splurge.  I opened the can and oh my goodness it smelled fantastic!  It almost had the aroma of Peanut Butter and Co. Dark Chocolate Dreams.  It was the perfect blend of salty and sweet and will definitely end up in my purse for the midday munchies!  If you ever catch these on sale, or simply love chocolate and peanut butter in a pretty nutritious way or otherwise, definitely give these a try!

Don’t you just love short work weeks? Happy Thursday!


One thought on “Stretching and Snacks

  1. Those nuts look amazing!! I have a canister of the Emerald Dark Chocolate almonds that I keep at work for snacking when needed. The addition of peanut butter…AWESOME!! I will have to look for those at the store ASAP.

    I am horrible at stretching! I know it’s a really good thing to do but I always forget to do it before/after a workout. The only time I do it is when I’m doing a workout video and it’s part of the workout : )

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