Proud To Be an American!

Happy Fourth of July!

I have so many wonderful memories from my childhood of 4th of July celebrations.  We would always gather at my great-grandparents house, swim all day until we could barely see because our eyes were so chlorinated, and round out the day with the annual seed spitting contest!  Yes, that sounds disgusting, but my Grandy LOVED watermelon.  I swear he could eat a whole one himself.  He would line all the grandchildren up in a long row and provide a hunk of watermelon as big as we could hold.  When he said go we’d take the first bite and try to spit our seeds the farthest.  This sounds really silly and actually kind of gross but its one of the last memories I have of my family all together so I feel its pretty darn special.

Since I was eighteen I have always worked at a golf-course or this summer, a pool, so the 4th of July is a relatively busy day for me.  This whole weekend I got to celebrate our Independence with a variety community members and their families while monitoring the activities at the community pool.  Get paid to play with kids, get a tan and meet lots of new people, it’s a pretty awesome summer job.

BUT before I went to work this morning I was cleaning up after my little dogs, and doing some other household chores while listening to the Today Show (I have watched it religiously since I was in high school and refuse to switch to another morning program) and they were talking about the citizenship test.  Every year since 1963 hundreds of people have taken the oath of citizenship at the annual Monticello Independence Day Celebration and Naturalization Ceremony.  I think that’s pretty cool.  And then following the story Jenna Wolfe (weekend Today Show contributor) asked the rest of the crew if they could answer some of the questions required to obtain citizenship.

They did answer a few of the questions right, however, they admitted that they had a cheat sheet right in front of them!  They were embarrassed when they confessed they actually did not know the answers for some!  What?! That seems outrageous, right?!  These questions are considered high school level, at most.  Now, I was a history major so I was curious to find out just how difficult they really were….

1. The Federalist Papers supported the passage of the U.S. Constitution.
Name one of the writers.

2. Name one of the rights of the Bill of Rights.

3. How many amendments does the Constitution have?

4. If the President and Vice-President can no longer serve, who becomes President?

5. Who was Susan B. Anthony?

6. Who was the President during World War I?

7. Name one U.S. Territory.

The actual exam is multiple choice, but the online study guide had these questions blank.  It was kind of intimidating when I looked at all 100!

Are you proud to be an American? How would you do on the U.S. Citizenship Exam?

I hope everyone had an awesome, safe holiday!


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