Quick, Easy, Delicious!

I have always been a huge fan of Amy’s Kitchen products.  I work in an alternative education program and because the kids can never be unsupervised I don’t get an official lunch break.  We all eat together as a group, but this is often interrupted for a variety of reasons; principal calls, Parole Officer visits, you know, the day to day things that occur in all schools.  So because of this I am often looking for options that are fast, filling and fabulously delicious.  Her soups have been a staple for this, particularly the Lentil, Black Bean and Chili, (I love that they make low sodium now!) but there are times when I don’t always want a soup.  I like a little variety in my life!

So when my husband and I were at Whole Foods the other day, I was paroosing the freezer aisle and found this:

Amy's Light & Lean Pasta & Vegetables

I love broccoli and asparagus so I was sold immediately.  Not to mention I knew Ryan had a 4 day stretch at the hospital coming up, where he only gets home around 8:00 P.M. so this would be a perfect solution for evenings when I get home from work and don’t feel like making a gourmet dinner all for myself.

Well yesterday afternoon I was baking for about two hours and realized, “oh my goodness, it is already six o’clock!” I knew I was making Ryan lamb when he got home, but I just was going to be hungry way before he walked in the door and really wasn’t that excited about his selection for dinner.  I pulled out my new frozen entrée, topped it with half a Bistro Sensations Spinach and Mozzarella Chicken Sausage and a huge bunch of arugula and threw it in the microwave.  When it was finished I sprinkled some red pepper, garlic sea salt and fresh basil on top, then sat down to enjoy.  I was pretty blown away at how good this way for a 5 minute frozen dinner.  The only downside was the price, at a little over $4.  I just kept reminding myself, I could be getting take out which would be way more!  But despite this minor negative I will definitely be purchasing this again.  And for all those busy bees who sometimes get a little lazy in the kitchen, have super busy nights, or need a quick lunchtime meal, this was awesome and I would highly recommend it.

Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday! Happy Early Independence Day!


One thought on “Quick, Easy, Delicious!

  1. I like to keep a few things like that in my freezer for those busy night. I’m a big fan of some of the Kashi frozen meals – have you ever tried those?

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