The Voice or American Idol?

So I have watched American Idol from the very beginning.  I even saw the movie From Justin to Kelly! How embarrassing right?! Anyway, the past two seasons have kind of bored me.  I didn’t even bother DVRing the last half of this year.  But this new show, The Voice, hooked me! My gosh the talent is amazing!  And the judges are awesome, really diverse and kinda funny together.  I know I am a little late since the finale was earlier in the week but I just finished watching it and I think this will definitely take the place of American Idol for me.  My husband pegged Javier to win from the time of the auditions, but I think all the finalists are unique and super-duper gifted, and even though they couldn’t all be “The Voice” the fact that two songs are in the top 10 downloads on iTunes today means someone out there agrees with me!

What about you?  American Idol or The Voice?

P.S. I am totally not a TV junkie, I swear! I just realized I wrote two posts about television, which may imply otherwise, but I do have other interests.  DVR has just made TV watching too easy!


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