The Next Food Network Star

Does anyone else love cooking shows?! I was going through my DVR tonight and was super excited to see the latest Next Food Network Star featured Hershey Chocolate! Many of my husband’s relatives worked for the Hershey company and you can literally smell chocolate in the air when you are sitting on my back porch!

Although Next Food Network Star is not my ultimate favorite cooking show, I definitely look forward to watching it every summer.  If I had to pick one I absolutely do not miss an episode for I would probably say Top Chef, but my DVR does record Chopped, Master Chef, and the Next Great Restaurant.

What is your cooking line-up?


One thought on “The Next Food Network Star

  1. I love Food Network! There are so many great chefs on there. Food Network is always my go-to channel. When nothing else is on TV I know I can find something to watch on there.

    I love Top Chef too! That is probably my favorite cooking show. I used to love Rachael Ray too – I still do but I haven’t tuned into any of her shows in a long time.

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