Happy Friday!

Today I was working at the pool and it decided to rain for an hour, meaning absolutely no one else but me there.  I read my kindle for a while but then started getting antsy so I decided in honor of the Healthy Living Summit coming to Philadelphia, I would put together a list of some of my favorite places in the city!  Today I want to focus on restaurants but don’t worry, I will have future posts about other fun activities!

I absolutely LOVE Philadelphia.  My husband and I try to spend a weekend there every season to enjoy all the city has to offer and to escape the small town life of Lebanon.  Because of this we are pretty well acquainted with the restaurants, neighborhoods and shopping.  Unfortunately HLS is only a few days long, but there is enough to do to last weeks!  After lots of deliberation I have narrowed down my list to a few amazing eateries, varying in taste preference and atmosphere.  I hope anyone else who is familiar with the area can weigh in on what I suggest!

1. Stephen Starr Restaurants

Stephen Starr is famous for producing good restaurants and FANTASTIC food!  He has about a bagillion located within Philadelphia alone.   But the two listed above are my absolute favorites, for very different reasons.

The Continental is so much fun because it’s very retro and has interesting items on the menu.  You can seriously find everything from crab pad Thai, lobster mac-and-cheese, egg white frittata, and club sandwich, all under one roof.  Every trip I make to the city I make sure to convince Ryan to take me here for Brunch.  The portions are very large, definitely big enough for two to share, and the granola is absolutely to die for.  If you aren’t in the mood to dine here, however, it is definitely worth checking out for the rooftop martini bar.

Buddakhan is my Dad’s favorite.  He has a business right outside the city on Route 1 and anytime we make the trip to visit him when he is there he ALWAYS wants to go to Buddakhan.  As the name suggests, this Stephen Starr restaurant is primarily Asian-Fusion.  The atmosphere is awesome!  A huge statue of Buddha decorates the downstairs, but there is also a loft that overlooks the lower restaurant.  It tends to be a little dark, and pretty hard to get reservations but you will see why after tasting their house salad!  My gosh I could eat that ginger dressing plain!

Pizzeria Stella is pretty self-explanatory.  How can you go wrong with a nice crispy Pizza!? The toppings are what make this place so special, as well as the amazing selection of salads!  Shrimp, arugula and watermelon vinaigrette?!  Sign me up!

2. Farmacia

This restaurant has a cool concept, as well as a stellar menu! It changes seasonally and focuses on fresh, local and organic ingredients.  Open on weekends for breakfast, lunch and dinner, the selections will not disappoint.  Another nice feature is the vegan section.  Definitely a great pick for all the healthy living bloggers out there!!

3. Supper

The urban farm-house environment of this place makes it so cool, and like Farmacia, Supper boasts using local, fresh ingredients for all its dishes. Plus, where else can you get the Philadelphia flair of soft pretzels with a house made beer mustard as an appetizer?!

4. Haru

If you like sushi, Haru is the place to go! I feel like I had to add this one because located in the heart of Old City, you walk past Independence Hall, over cobblestone streets to get there. It’s so charming and the sushi chefs are so informative, if you love Japanese cuisine this really is a don’t miss!

6. Max Brenner’s

Undeniably the least healthy of the eateries I have selected, Max Brenner is famous for CHOCOLATE!  The chocolate store/restaurant is such a cool place to visit, even if you just want to browse.  They definitely incorporate chocolate into many of their choices, but they also have a great brunch and lunch menu with unique sandwiches, salads, and full-sized plates.  Just the smell of this place will bring you in the door!

Aside from these sit-down restaurants, there are also a bunch of options for grab and go.  Whole Foods, Trader Joes, Chipotle, Pita-Pit, The Italian Market and the Reading Terminal Market are just a few among many to get quick, healthy eats.  I apologize if I have missed any, but please please please, comment other suggestions if you are familiar with the area! I feel like one post can’t do the city justice when it comes to food! Hope this comes in handy!! 🙂


One thought on “Happy Friday!

  1. Thanks for the suggestions! Are most of these places close to the area where HLS will be held? Despite living in PA, I’m not that familiar with Philly : ) I can’t wait to check out some of the great restaurants!

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